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Jackie Chan In Porn !!LINK!!

Kung Fu film star Jackie Chan Monday admitted that he acted in a porn movie 31 years ago, responding to a report revealed by Hong Kong media, Information Times reported Tuesday. "I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I don't think it's a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies," Chan said. "The porn movie at that time was more conservative than the current films," he said. Hong Kong netizens tipped local media that Chan was in the porn movie "All in the Family" in 1975, with a porn movie star who was famous at that time. The Hong Kong made movie, directed by Zhu Mu, was defined as a comedy. Dean Shek, Tien Chun, and Sammo Hung were also co-stars.

jackie chan in porn

Jackie Chan is a notoriously bubbly and friendly person, but he definitely has a somewhat checkered past. For example, did you know that once, before becoming a global superstar, he acted in a pornographic video? According to China Daily, he acted in a dirty flick made in Hong Kong in 1975 called "All in the Family" alongside a porn star who was famous at the time. But why did he do it? Did they need a special someone for a particularly acrobatic scene? Not exactly. It was more a matter of necessity. "I had to do anything I could to make a living ...," Jackie said, "but I don't think it's a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies." He added that porn flicks were much tamer back then, as well.

There are two things from the 1970s called All in the Family that today's children should probably avoid. One is a pedantic 1970s sitcom about political issues, and the other is a Hong Kong-made 1975 sex comedy starring Jackie Chan. While it was a long-standing urban legend that Chan made a "porno movie" early in his career, Chan addressed the rumor in 2006. It's not technically a pornographic film and the actors don't have actual sex, but there are a lot of sex scenes and Chan appears nude. It's the kind of thing that would be seen on Cinemax late at night.

So why did he do it? For the reason most actors make porn, softcore or otherwise: for the money. "I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I don't think it's a big deal. Even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies," Chan said. All in the Family is also notable for being the only movie Chan ever starred in that doesn't include a stunt sequence.

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Sasha Grey - This hardcore porn starlet went legit with Steven Soderbergh's experimental drama "The Girlfriend Experience," which led to roles in several other mainstream movies, including "I Melt With You" and "Open Windows."

Simon Rex - He starred in a series of porn movies, including "Young, Hard and Solo II and III," that were aimed at gay audiences well before he landed roles in the TV series "Felicity" and "Jack & Jill" and a bunch of "Scary Movie" sequels in the 2000s.

Shocking fact. This fact was posted by UBER FACTS on twitter ? today. Your famous martial artist Jackie Chan started his career with porn. When i first saw this post i paused for a minute to imagine a sinero where jackie chan is acting porn, seemed odd.

But then i researched on the posters "UBER FACTS" , and i discovered that first: they are verified by twitter and are known for giving true and original facts. Uber fact was created in 2009 by Kris Sanchez who gets his facts from researches from news, articles, science, books and more. If twitter reviewed UBER FACTS and verified it then the fact Jacki Chan started his career with porn has to be true.

So next time you are writing the biography that Jackie Chan Kong-sang SBS MBE PMW, known professionally as Jackie Chan, is a Hong Kongese martial artist, actor, film director, producer, stuntman, and singer, do not forget to add former porn actor ?.

Kekilli starred in several pornographic films of German origin before reaching stardom for playing Tyrion Lannister's love interest on Game of Thrones. And FYI, she's one of a few adult film actors GOT has cast.

There'll be fewer complaints, we fancy, about FIFA Football 2005, which - a couple of harsh review scores notwithstanding - is actually surprisingly enjoyable, particularly thanks to the online aspect. Or at least, that's what Kristan tells me. I picked it up and lost four games in a row 1-0 (well, if I will pick Liverpool against the Arse, eh?) and thought it was sludgy and lopsided with not enough emphasis on or control over defence, and that the way the back four sat so deep in every single scenario stunted its growth - after all, what fun is a game of football if there's basically no chance of a breakaway? [well, you can always play more attacking football, change those tactics and push up, dude - pedantic Ed]

Oh, and it's worth pointing out that some games came out in the States that won't be out here for a while. Leisure Suit Larry and Tribes: Vengeance are due out here later this month, so I won't dwell on them (or on the Larry press pack we received the other day; ta for the porn and rubber gloves, chaps), but Mortal Kombat: Deception is due out in late November, so - unless you think you'll be playing it on Xbox Live or PS2 Online and don't want to be restricted by an imported copy - get ye to your importer. And there's also Get On Da Mic from Eidos...

By entering this site you swear that you are of legal age in your area to view adult material and that you wish to view such material. All porn videos and images are property and copyright of their owners. All models appearing on this website are 18 years or older. Copyright 2015-2019

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This essay addresses the manner in which genre affects labor, changing a nation's televisual and cinematic reservoir of technique. In particular, this piece considers how the spectacles commonly associated with the action genre in general and the wuxia genre more specifically have been consumed and repurposed by fanboy (1) media producers. This series of actions caused the historical practices associated with one film industry's "national cinema effect" (that of Hong Kong) (2) to become congealed in the body/person of performers trained in another national media context (New Zealand). Generic translation across national frameworks affects the laboring bodies of media producers, and in the case of action genres, it has distinct and identifiable effects on stunt doubles. The adoption of Hong Kong wuxia ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) aesthetics in contemporary action films has forced shifts in shooting style, shoot duration, costuming, set design, editing and rig (3) construction, all of which alter the stunt performers' embodied experiences of work. The prolonged association of these cinematic and televisual techniques and body spectacles with individual performers contributes to the star image of stunting stars. This is decidedly the case for Kiwi stuntwoman Zoe Bell. Bell's star image is greatly informed by a series of body spectacles made possible by her training in tae kwon do, gymnastics, and early spectacular embodiments evident in her Kiwi-style wire-fu work on the set of the television series Xena: Warrior Princess (Renaissance Pictures and Universal Television, 15 September 1995-18 June 2001). 350c69d7ab


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