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Windows Pstool

The connection_username must be a member of the local Administrator group of the Windows host. For non-domain joined hosts, the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy should be set to 1 to ensure this works, see -us/help/951016/description-of-user-account-control-and-remote-restrictions-in-windows.

Windows Pstool

It is a command-line interface with no need for installation, like any other software in a system. Microsoft designed this utility tool to give windows external support to make changes. Windows allows this type of executable file to modify its system settings.

Tip: For convenience, you can also copy the PsExec.exe to a system path (such as c:\windows\system32), this will allow you to run the exe without having to change directories from the command prompt.

PsExec or psexec.exe is a command-line utility built for Windows. It allows administrators to run programs on local and more commonly remote computers. It is a free utility part of the Sysinternals pstools suite built by Mark Russinovich many years ago.

If you need just a psexec then there no needs to create additional folder, it will be automatically in the PATH if you drop it to C:\Windows. I just guessing that the person from youtube video probably using the whole package pstools that include many utilities besides of psexec, so in a future if you'll decide to upgrade it, it will be easy to navigate to dedicated for pstools folder and simply unpack archive there. I can't see any additional profit for an extra folder.

The first error is the same as if I were trying to input an .eps with \includegraphics and pdflatex. Thus I assume that pstool or whatever in between does not generate the testpic.pdf the compiler is looking for.

I had similar problem with pstool, while working with pdflatex shell-escape options. I have used matlabfrag to generate .eps and .tex figures from Matlab.The problem started when i update the Miktex packages on 30 May 2011 (Approx) when Ghostscrpit bin was updated.

I have checked on Linux with texlive 2011, its working fine. There is problem of pstool on Windows, with miktex 2.9 latest and also with texlive 2011 on windows in the PDFLATEX route. For a texlive 2011 on windows, there is problem reported here texlive shell escape problems with psfrag(May be both questions can be combined as one)

When i checked with options [cleanup=], you can analyze the problem in auxillary process. For me it stops at Postscript figure creation. Normally it should create a PDF of the text included postscript file. My guess would be Ghostscript binary are not picked properly by the auxillary process of pstool. Somewhere around ps2pdf operation. I spent a lot of time debugging the problem and googling for solutions.

The problem lies in the way pstool (current version v1.3) internally calls ps2pdf, and in how it passes the arguments to ps2pdf. There is another question addressing this ps2pdf issue. Basically, under Windows, when passing arguments to ps2pdf the = sign must be replaced with the # sign, e.g.

PSTools is a powerful suite of command line tools that can be leveraged by IT System Administrators. Today we are going to take a basic look at a few of these tools.\n","author":"@type":"Person","name":"Alexander C. Hubbard","image":["https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/12\/pstools-basic-commands-and-overview-1.jpg","https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/12\/pstools-basic-commands-and-overview-1-768x432.jpg"]}.woocommerce-product-gallery opacity: 1 !important; body.custom-background background-color: #4f4f4f; Toggle navigation Alexander C. Hubbard HomeAbout MeLinkedInYouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookRedditContact FormHelpful LinksCartCheckoutMy account How to Quiet a Loud Dell Server Using the Dell OpenManage BMC Utility

Ignoring the bit of repetition of state 2, this shows the service moving from state 2 to state 4. We can see what these values mean in various places in Microsoft documentation, including -us/windows/desktop/services/service-status-transitions, which tells us that 2 is SERVICE_START_PENDING and 4 is SERVICE_RUNNING. We also get the PID of the service process here, which may be useful to know.

Service Control (SC.exe) is a Microsoft utility which can be used by Administrators to create, modify, delete, start and stop a service in windows environments. In contrast with PsExec which needs to be dropped to disk this utility is part of Windows and could be abused directly to create a new service that will execute a fileless payload. 041b061a72


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