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Playboy Marilyn Monroe 1953 Download

Amid a longstanding furor over news that Marilyn Monroe was pregnant in 1955, the star continued to work until her final days. As Joe DiMaggio's biography Unfinished Business detailed, Monroe gave her last modeling job to a Broadway playwright. He encouraged her to pose for a now-famous photo, in which she sports a fashionable fur hat and glows against a background of fur-clad armchairs.

Playboy Marilyn Monroe 1953 Download


To coincide with the publication of the Stephen Sondheim songbook, the greatest showman of all time, a 90-year-old, performed just a few songs for a specially created YouTube video featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn was much more liberated than Lindsay. She didn't need any help with her sexy curves but in her legendary best side, I thought she looked very pretty. I am not usually a fan of nude modeling but I like how much Lindsay gets her hands in the pictures. She is right in the middle of a smiling shot with her arms around her sides with her breasts being incredibly obvious. You can see she has a nice body with not too much fat and no cellulite.

I'm not into the whole knee-to-knee underwear shots but I did like that Lindsay had her hands in the air. We can see that she is more toned up than Marilyn and that she has a nice body with nice curves. Thanks to Renata for the heads-up on this gallery.

I love blondes. I mean I really love them. I'm not sure why but it just turns me on. We can see that even in these early pictures, Lindsay was very natural looking with beautiful, big, full lips. Her hair is a little wispy and I think she looks more mature looking here. But Marilyn was stunning from day one and I think she captured the look of the fashion of the time. She always looked effortlessly glamorous, which made her all the more stunning.


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