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Any chance of a version with 30 columns in the stash ? I like that the inventory is larger, but if I wanted to switch from Stasher to this in my mod, anyone having items in columns 23 and up of the stash would lose access to them, as this stash only has 22 columns. There is room for 30 columns, as xHoarder essentially does the same this mod does (just with fewer rows).



The 30-column version is fully compatible with the 22-column version, which I explained in the post above, and in fact the 22-column version has a larger capacity.E.g:Old version 30x20 = 600 gridNew version 22x28 = 616 grid

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A 7z file is a compressed archive that uses the 7-Zip format. To extract 7z files on Linux systems like Ubuntu, Red Hat, or their derivatives, you can use the p7zip tool. This utility is compatible with most Linux distributions and can be easily installed using the distribution's default package manager in the terminal.

Once p7zip is installed, it integrates seamlessly with standard file managers such as GNOME's Files or KDE's Dolphin. This allows you to open and extract 7z files directly from the file manager. Additionally, you can utilize the 7z command in the terminal.

Hi. I have McAfee All Access Total Protection. I also have the utility 7-Zip version installed. Vulnerability Scanner notifies me every week that I need to update 7-Zip to version, the latest version. If I click Install Updates, McAfee reports a successful update after a few seconds. And the next time Vulnerability Scanner runs, it will report that I still need to update 7-Zip.

Then simply run one when you see fit. As for it incorrectly informing you that your program still needs to be updated. It also could be that it indeed does? This may be a 'Bug' That needs looking into ?

If -tarchive_type switch is not specified, 7-Zip uses extension of archive filename to detect the type of archive. If you create new archive, -tarchive_type switch is not specified and there is no extension of archive, 7-Zip will create .7z archive.

When you extract archive of some types that contains another archive without compression (for example, MBR in VHD), 7-Zip can open both levels in one step. If you want to open/extract just top level archive, use -t* switch.

Note: xz, gzip and bzip2 formats support only one file per archive.If you want to compress more than one file to these formats,create a tar archive at first, and then compress it with your selected format.

Long time lurker and now forum poster! I'm writing a relatively simple backup script for my firm that automates the copy, compression and organization of Leaver's data on one of our secured NAS systems. I personally found the best method to do this so far was to use 7zG.exe (GUI version of 7Zip which can use command-line too) and it functions quite well!

I would like to retrieve more info on whether any warnings or errors happen in 7Zip during the backup, but I can't quite get my head around the syntax and switches for reading out, it seems any adjustment I make to the RunWait call's string seems to break the backup or give unexpected repercussions! Hopefully its something silly I'm doing as I don't code very often.

Ultimately I would love to switch entirely to 7za.exe (standalone) so that I can read the progress percentage, current file being uploaded and any warnings or errors could be processed and output to the AutoIT script's GUI I've created rather than jumping in and out of two applications per se.

I switched to single quotation marks after I realized when reading through the 7Zip command-line guide, that double quotes should be used around the folder locations, especially if they have any whitespace. The next step is to poll what's logged to the console and push it to the GUI.

OS/2 was originally a joint effort between IBM and Microsoft. It grew out of efforts to create a Multitasking MS-DOS. It was intended to be the future OS for IBM's new PS/2 series. At release it competed against Microsoft's Windows GUI shell, but most users continued to use DOS. OS/2 1.x was used as the basis for Citrix Multiuser

1.x was heavily criticized for its poor backwards compatibility, heavier system requirements, design decisions made in order to support 286s instead of just 386s, poor hardware compatiblity, and lack of third party driver support. There was an inaccurate, but justifiable, common belief that OS/2 could only run on genuine IBM hardware.

Still, it was believed that all future software development would be for OS/2, until an almost overnight fallout between IBM and Microsoft shifted the spotlight to the yet to be developed Windows NT.

Source code is often packed for download as a TAR (Tape ARchive) file, that is a standard format in the Unix/Linux world. These files have a .tar extension; they can also be compressed, the extension is .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 in these cases. There are several ways to unpack these files.

PS1 games are in rar format. When trying to launch the game from launchbox even with the option selected in launchbox to decompress them just get the working icon then nothing happens. Emulator beetle hw and psx rearmed in retroarch tested working. Anything I should be looking into or tips.

Go to tools manage emulators double click RetrArch. Go to the associated platforms tab and see what core is the default one for RA I believe it is the plain Mednafen core and not the HW so if you didn't change it that is probably your issue. To change it click in the column with the core name and that will initiate the drop down menu where you can choose your core.

LB/BB uses 7zip to extract files. I know from experience that some rar files when extracted using 7zip will give an error message while extracting (something along the lines of extra information at the end of the file). if your extracting manually you can just click ignore and the file actually decompresses fine, but with the automated LB/BB extraction it's possible that this error message is happening with those files, and causing it to not extract properly. To test this you can install 7zip, or use the one that's in the LB folder to try and manually extract a rar file that's not working for you, and see if that error message/warning pops up... if it does then likely that's the culprit. I would guess that if any error/warning happens during the extraction process that LB/BB doesn't have built-in mechanisms to ignore the error/warning and continue with the extraction process.

If this is what's causing you grief, a possible solution would be to extract your PS3 games that are in .rar format and re-compress them in either .zip or .7z format, which likely would not give you the error. This is one of the reasons why .rar is not used very much now days, as it can be more prone to issues like this when using tools other than winrar.

7-zip will compress any file or folder that you select. To see a list of all files and folders in the current directory, use ls -la. The data.txt file is chosen for compression here. The file is 540 bytes in size.

It is also important to take in consideration the result code of the operation (by checking the value of bash environment variable $?). It should be 0 (zero), indicating a successful operation. This is especially useful in scripts, to check if an operation was completed witout errors or not. Value different from 0 indicates an error occurred, as per the below table:

The following extracts the etc.7z archive contents on /tmp/restoredir directory. The directory will be created if does not exist. Note: there is no space between the -o and the path (/tmp/restoredir).

A CommonJs and ESM frontend to 7-Zip, downloads binaries in for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX, with methods to create SFX self extracting 7z archives targeting different platforms.

You can extract with wildcards to specify one or more file extensions. To dothis add a wildcards attribute to the options object. The wildcardattribute takes an Array as value. In this array each item is a wildcard. 041b061a72


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